In our previous article, we broke down the history and basics of bonding curves. This article will further the discussion by looking at a few different types of curves and how they function. With the coming Q1 Public Beta release of the new Zap Protocol interface, there will be drag and drop functionality when designing and deploying bonding curves.

The many pricing models that service and product providers can create with Zap Protocol allows the market to decide which works best for them and their situation. …

The crypto-space recently experienced a new wave of attention around oracles, decentralized finance (DeFi), and other web3 products. One of the greatest technological tools available in this fast-growing space is called a bonding curve. This article will explain the roots of the technology, why it is so important for tokenization, and how Zap Protocol continues to be the leader in developing cross-industry solutions with the technology.

Origins of the Bonding Curve

ConsenSys engineer Simon de la Rouviere popularized the initial concept of bonding curves (though Zap coined the term) when he considered how to retain our “social liquidity” in an increasingly automated world. Rouviere began

The Zap utility token, providing access to the decentralized Zap protocol, can now be acquired by exchanging Tether (USDT) through a ZAP/USDT pair on the Bitrue marketplace. This is the third Zap pairing made available on the Bitrue digital asset exchange, joining ZAP/BTC and ZAP/XRP markets.

Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency anchored to the price of the US Dollar and is the world’s largest stablecoin by market cap. With increasing attention on oracle and decentralized financial (DeFi) products, this new market will help meet the growing demand for truly decentralized products and services.


Bitrue registered in Singapore in 2018 and…

Zap Protocol and DIVI Project Partner to Create Zap Wrapped Divi

During their July 20th video update, Divi announced the partnership between our two teams as we work to expand the capabilities of both of our technologies. This will occur through the creation of Zap wrapped Divi.

“Having a wrapped version of Divi on ethereum means DeFi for Divi…”

Watch the video announcement:

Divi offers the first and only one-click masternode deployment with their Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer (MOCCI) and no-click staking solution which is geared towards providing an experience with cryptocurrency and all its capabilities that is as user…

Protocol Growth: New Front-End Development Begins

The Zap protocol continues to improve and evolve. The front end development team is continuing its rebuild of the front end of the Zap protocol. We expect to soon offer a ticketing system so anyone who wants to submit changes can do so and be rewarded with a bounty.

Check out the new test site — — which will be updated periodically with the buildouts into the future, so make sure to check back often for the new and up to date documentation and team pages. Partnership with Blockchain Center Brings Zap…

First CoinGecko Oracle Test Phase Finalized, Initial Oracle Offering Date & Time to Come

Zap announced its partnership with CoinGecko, the leading cryptocurrency and digital asset market data website, back in March 2020 just before the Covid19 pandemic caused governments across the world to issue stay at home orders and close travel and economies. During the pandemic, Zap continued its development, and now announces it has developed the first of the oracles CoinGecko needs to offer its cryptocurrency market data in a way compatible for smart contract use.

We finished our internal testing phase and are preparing an initial oracle offering (IOO) for CoinGecko’s first data oracle. Data users and customers soon will be…

The Zap Protocol was recently featured in an article by which detailed to their readers how our decentralized tools enable businesses to modernize various aspects of their operations using blockchain technology, smart contracts, and bonding curves.

“Automated market makers provide liquidity in electronic financial markets through sophisticated algorithms governed by game theory. For example, Zap uses modern economic principles coupled with an algorithmic market maker to replace the antiquated bid/ask spread based in traditional exchanges. Participants in trades involving our bonding curves are guaranteed liquidity as they are always able to buy and sell.

‘The bid and the ask happen within the smart contract,’ Spanos said. ‘It’s completely decentralized finance.’”

To read the full article, use the following link:

We Are Still Here, Everyone Is OK So Far, And Zap Is Going Strong

During March, the COVID-19 novel coronavirus jumped from a virus affecting only a handful of nations to a worldwide threat. Even remote islands in the Southern Hemisphere like the Falkland Islands in the far south Atlantic Ocean have begun testing for the virus. We address the effect of the virus on the crypto community more at length below, but first, let’s update you on the major progress achieved in March.

CoinGecko Partners With Zap

A market leader in providing fundamental analysis for the crypto market…

CoinGecko, a market leader in providing fundamental analysis for the crypto market, is collaborating with Zap Protocol, the go-to platform to oraclize data and its sources and tokenize everything using the power of bonding curves.

The new partnership will allow CoinGecko to strengthen its market position as a leading source of crypto-specific market data to decentralized applications and expand its market reach, while Zap further expands its already extensive crypto-related feed offerings on its decentralized marketplace.

The new collaboration will see Zap’s innovative bonding curve technology be used to curate CoinGecko’s high-quality data feeds, and market participants can explore the…

More Partnership Announcements Imminent

We began this year by announcing a number of signed MOU’s with Cafe Joe USA, Howdoo, Energy Ledger, and JuJu Rentals. Be sure to read more details about these previously announced partnerships by reading our January monthly update.

As we continue to work with these companies, we have more agreements signed and scheduled announcements to come. Stay tuned!

Implementation Continues

Our team continues to work with the companies we previously announced partnerships with to coordinate the development and integration of our protocol into their current systems. …

Stefan Furris

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